[BiO BB] Structure/Sequence Alignment

Michel Dumontier micheld at mshri.on.ca
Sat Dec 6 13:38:31 EST 2003

  Try using ClustalW.  It lets you load in the structure template's
secondary structure as a numeric profile that weighs position-specific gap
penalties.  This typically forces gaps into unstructured regions of the
protein structure.  You can make a multiple sequence alignment of the
sequences and then generate a profile-profile alignment.


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> hi all,
> i m a new member of this board.
> i have a 3 protein structures (all taking the same fold) with the
> substrate bound. the residues surrounding the substrate are the active
> site residues. now i have a set of 400 protein sequences which i know
> take the same above mentioned fold. i want to extract the active site
> residues from these 400 sequences. but whatever alignment program i
> use either uses only sequence information or only structure
> information. is there an alignment program which can use both
> structure and sequence information for the alignment of these 400
> sequences on the strcutural template

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