[BiO BB] How many peptide residues can form a meaningful/functional protein sequence?

#JIA YIYU# yyjia at pmail.ntu.edu.sg
Tue Feb 11 04:04:35 EST 2003

Hi all,

Thanks James for his helps. Now I know at least one decapeptide sequence can affect the function of one particular protein. 

My motivation to ask my last question is about protein sequence homologous alignment because I doubt whether it is meanful action to align two protein sequence under a very low identity threshhold value for investigating the homologue between them. Clearly, if we have two protein sequences, both of which contain ten amino acid residues. But if the shortest length of one functionable peptide sequence was 4, then it is meanless to investigate the 30% homologue alignment between this two ten length peptide sequences. 

Maybe my question is naive. But further teaching is appreciated very much!

	Jia Yiyu

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