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Daniel Ducat daniel.ducat at metalife.de
Mon Feb 24 09:04:33 EST 2003

Hello Takeshi

As far as I know, not all he databases  have such kind of overviews.
Here I am sending you a list of databases and links, which I think
can be helpful for you

	CluSTr: http://www.ebi.ac.uk/clustr/documentation.html
	GDB: http://gdb.jst.go.jp/gdb/gdbDataModel.html
	Interpro: http://www.ebi.ac.uk/interpro/interpro_schema_diagram.pdf

Hope it will help you


Daniel Ducat
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Hi Daniel and Haifeng,

Thanks for your reply.
Hopefully I would like to see kind of an overview which compares schemas of
major genome databases. I mean general databases which have for example ID,
Name, Description, various Features and Sequence, rather than specific
databases. I could download mysql schema from Ensembl site but there is
little explanation. There may be little common structure among those major
databases, but I would like know outlines, without looking for documents in
every site.


Takeshi Sasayama

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