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Jun Ding junding at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 24 13:32:24 EST 2003

I'm a database expert, but I'm confused by the term
"schema". The schema in database usually mean general
database struction. Like in Oracle, schema is like:
This term also used to refer the relational database
design structure of an application database in IT
area(Which is tables and the relationships between
them). Like the Oracle's HR application database
example, you may have at least two tables: employee
and department, with the following relationship: one
employee must work in one and only one department, one
department may have one or more employees. And each
table have some attributes(columns), like in employee
table, there are employee number, employee name, job
title, salary, manager, hiring date, department number
... In department table, there are: department number,
department name, location.
You can see here, database store two things:
entity(database table) and their relationship.
There are some IT methods or rules can help you how to
translate your requriment into a RDBMS(relational
database management system) design. Like E-R modeling.
Anyway, if your database schema is refer to the 2nd
case, I think you need a database design expert to
help you on it.
Please feel free to tell me if I missunderstand your
question or you have more questions about my email.

--- Takeshi Sasayama <sasa at muh.biglobe.ne.jp> wrote:
> Hi Daniel and Haifeng,
> Thanks for your reply.
> Hopefully I would like to see kind of an overview
> which compares schemas of
> major genome databases. I mean general databases
> which have for example ID,
> Name, Description, various Features and Sequence,
> rather than specific
> databases. I could download mysql schema from
> Ensembl site but there is
> little explanation. There may be little common
> structure among those major
> databases, but I would like know outlines, without
> looking for documents in
> every site.
> Thanks
> Takeshi Sasayama
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