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Pls send details, location etc. by mail.
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Admission Notice-
Academy of Genomics & Applied Biology

The new emerging field Bioinformatics is an integration of mathematical, 
statistical and computer methods to analyze biological, biochemical and 
biophysical data. Than Bioinformatics required a best knowledge not only in 
biology but in mathematics too. At that time many private institution in 
india providing bioinformatics education but offered courses are totaly 
dedicated to biological stream students, so this is necessary to know to 
actual requirments of bioinformatics field.

AGAB understand all the requirment of the real bioinformatics world and 
designed two bioinformatics course based on the international standards and 
market requirments. Course offered by AGAB have the best mixture of biology 
& mathamatics to get best growth in the market.

AGAB is trying to get best industrial interaction to provide best 
bioinformatics potential in India as well as in international market too.

\"Academy of Genomics & Applied Biology\" is the non-profit making institute 
conducting the distance learning program in Bioinformatics for promoting 
high-end quality education in the field of Bioinformatics through its two 

1) Advance Diploma in Bioinformatics (Hons.)
Duration : 18 months
Fee : 4500/- (4000/- for SC/ST/Govt./Defence prof)
For Foreign Students: US$ 350
Elig. : Graduation in Science Stream with min 50% marks

2) Diploma in Bioinformatics
Duration : 12 months
Fee : 3500/- (3000/- for SC/ST/Govt./Defence prof)
For Foreign Students: US$ 250
Elig. : 10+2 in Science Stream with min 50% marks

The aim of these programs is to provide bioinformatics professionals for 
difference pharmacuticals/IT sectors/R&D Dept./Govt. & Non Govt. 

Course commencing from 31st of Jan. 2003

How to apply
Application form and Brochure:
The online application form-course details can be obtain through the e-mail. 
(For hardcopy send e-mail with your postal address)
Soon we are going to provide online registration facility through our 

For more information & any query write us:
agabindia at hotmail.com

Vineet Massey

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