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			   Call for Papers
	    Fifth ACM-SIGPLAN International Conference on
	 Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming
		  Uppsala, Sweden, 27-29 August 2003

 Submission      29 March 2003
 Notification    12 May   2003
 Final Version   13 June  2003
 PPDP 2003: http://www.it.uu.se/ppdp03/
 PLI 2003:  http://www.it.uu.se/pli03/ 
 PPDP:      http://pauillac.inria.fr/~fages/PPDP/.

TOPICS (Not exhaustive): Logic and Constraint Programming; Functional
 Programming; Object-Oriented Programming; Concurrent Extensions;
 Mobile Computing; Integration of Paradigms; Proof Theoretic and
 Semantic Foundations; Program Design and Development; Type and Module
 Systems; Program Analysis and Verification; Program Transformation;
 Abstract Machines and Compilation; Programming Environments; and
 Application of Declarative Programming.

CONFERENCE CHAIR: Konstantinos Sagonas, Uppsala University
   http://www.csd.uu.se/~kostis, email: kostis at it.uu.se

PROGRAM CHAIR: Dale Miller, INRIA/Futurs & École polytechnique
   email: Dale.Miller at inria.fr

  Maria Alpuente,           Univ. Politécnica de Valencia,     ES
  Alessandra Di Pierro,     Univ. of Pisa,                     IT
  Masami Hagiya,            Univ. of Tokyo,                    JP
  Fergus Henderson,         Univ. of Melbourne,                AU
  Alberto Momigliano,       Univ. of Leicester,                UK
  Benjamin Pierce,          Univ. of Pennsylvania,             US
  C.R. Ramakrishnan,        SUNY Stony Brook,                  US
  Mario Rodríguez Artalejo, Univ. Complutense,                 ES
  Amr Sabry,                Univ. of Indiana,                  US
  Konstantinos Sagonas,     Uppsala University,                SW
  Frank Valencia,           Uppsala University,                SW

 Paris (1999), Montreal (2000), Firenze (2001), Pittsburgh (2002).

SCOPE OF THE CONFERENCE: PPDP 2003 aims to stimulate research in the
use of logical formalisms and methods for analyzing, specifying, and
performing computations.  Of general interest are all aspects
surrounding declarative programming paradigms such as logic
programming, functional logic programming, and constraint programming.
Topics of more specific interest are enhancements to such formalisms
with mechanisms for concurrency, mobility, modularity,
object-orientation, and static analysis, as well as the fuller
exploitation of the programming-as-proof-search framework through new
designs and improved implementation methods.  At the level of
methodology, the use of logic based principles in the design of tools
for program development, analysis, and verification relative to all
programming paradigms is of interest.  Papers related to the use of
declarative paradigms and tools in industry and education are
especially solicited.  This list is not exhaustive: submissions
related to new and interesting ideas relating broadly to declarative
programming are encouraged.  Prospective authors are welcome to
communicate with the Program Chair about the suitability of a specific

PAPER SUBMISSIONS: Submissions must be made on or before 29 March
2003, noon Central European Time and must be no more than 12 pages
(including bibliography and appendices) and in standard ACM conference
format: detailed formatting guidelines are available at
http://www.acm.org/sigs/pubs/proceed/template.html, along with
formatting templates or style files for LaTeX, Word Perfect, and Word.
Proceedings will be published by ACM Press.  Authors of accepted
papers will be required to sign the ACM copyright form.  Submissions
will be carried out electronically via the Web via a link found at the
conference web page.  Papers must be submitted in either PDF format or
as PostScript documents that are interpretable by Ghostscript.  Papers
must describe original, previously unpublished work that has not been
simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere.  They must be
written in English, must have a cover page with an abstract of up to
200 words, keywords, postal and electronic mailing addresses, and
phone and fax numbers of the corresponding author.  Authors who wish
to provide additional material to the reviewers beyond the 12-page
limit can do so in clearly marked appendices: reviewers are not
required to read such appendices.  Submissions that do not meet these
guidelines may not be considered.

CONFERENCE VENUE AND RELATED EVENTS: PPDP 2003 is part of a federation
meeting known as Principles, Logics and Implementations of high-level
programming languages (PLI 2003) which includes the ACM SIGPLAN
International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP 2003).  PLI
will run from 25 - 29 August 2003.  The meetings will take place on
the Uppsala University campus.

AFFILIATED WORKSHOPS: Proposals are solicited for PLI 2003 affiliated
workshops.  Details about the submission of proposals are available
from the PLI 2003 web site.  The deadline for workshop proposals is 14
February 2003.

STUDENT ATTENDEES: Students who have a paper accepted for the
conference are offered student membership in SIGPLAN free for one
year.  As members of SIGPLAN they may apply for travel fellowships
from the PAC fund.

Frank D. Valencia
PostDoctoral Researcher in Computer Science
Uppsala University,  Sweden.
office phone: +46 18 471 1030
mobile: +46 7358 20376
e-mai: frankv at it.uu.se

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