[BiO BB] Need a freeware multiple sequence alignment program for Windows XP

nikhil gadewal ngadewal at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 18 04:44:10 EDT 2003


  Try BIOEDIT a freeware s/w. In that Clustal W is a
one of the component.


--- scott_baio at mymonkey.org wrote:
> I need a free multiple sequence alignment program
> for Windows XP- I would be 
> very appreciative if anyone had suggestions. 
> Clustal does not work in XP, and I 
> will be doing work on a laptop that only has XP (I
> use the on-line sites now, 
> but there will be times where that will not be
> available).  Linux really isn't 
> an option- I really don't want to install another OS
> and then have to boot 
> between the two OSs just for one function when all
> my programs and work are 
> already in the XP enviroment.  If anyone knows of
> any program that will work, 
> please let me know.  I'm dealing with sequences that
> are on average 85-100% 
> identical.  Thanks!
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