[BiO BB] Need a freeware multiple sequence alignment program for Windows XP

scott_baio at mymonkey.org scott_baio at mymonkey.org
Tue Jun 17 19:58:12 EDT 2003

I need a free multiple sequence alignment program for Windows XP- I would be 
very appreciative if anyone had suggestions.  Clustal does not work in XP, and I 
will be doing work on a laptop that only has XP (I use the on-line sites now, 
but there will be times where that will not be available).  Linux really isn't 
an option- I really don't want to install another OS and then have to boot 
between the two OSs just for one function when all my programs and work are 
already in the XP enviroment.  If anyone knows of any program that will work, 
please let me know.  I'm dealing with sequences that are on average 85-100% 
identical.  Thanks!

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