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Martin Gollery mgollery at unr.edu
Thu Jun 19 13:34:56 EDT 2003

AIX is rarely used in the life sciences, so this would not affect very many 
labs. Linux is another story in terms of use, of course, but is this a real 
danger? I have not heard anyone other than the media talking about a 'chill'. 
How long will this take, after all? The SCO lawsuit against CA is still going 
on after two years. How long would it take for someone to write around the 
ancient code? A lot less, I imagine. 

You should tell people to sell any SCO stock that they have. Nobody will buy 
their software now. 


Quoting Sam Jaffe <SJaffe at The-Scientist.COM>:

> The SCO lawsuit has sent a chill through the corporate enterprise computing
> world, especially for anyone working with Linux or AIX. What about the
> bioinformatics community? Are you following the lawsuit with interest, or
> have you already dismissed it? Has your project formed a committee to deal
> with the potential implications? Have you started formulating plans for
> what
> to do if a judge issues an order to stop using Linux or AIX? I know that
> such a possibility is remote, but one never knows how the legal system will
> react to such lawsuits. Any replies would be appreciated. By the way, this
> is for a story I'm working on dealing with the subject. Thanks.
> Sam Jaffe
> Associate Editor
> The Scientist Magazine (www.the-scientist.com)
> 215 386 9601 x.3015
> sjaffe at the-scientist.com

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