[BiO BB] Tree/hierarchcal clustering software?

Christophe Battail stophebat at yahoo.fr
Mon Nov 17 13:50:30 EST 2003


I know two software that seems to correspond to your needs: visual 
interface, hierarchical agglomerative clustering implemented, choice 
between various similarity metrics, output visualized using a tree. 
Their names: Genesis or J-express (free to download).


Iddo Friedberg wrote:

> Hi,
> (Apologies for cross-posting).
> I have data in the form of a distance matrix (well, similarity, but
> easily convertible). I would like a hierarchical clustering software 
> which:
> 1) Has a good number of amalgamation rules. I want to throw as many
> things as I can at my data set. A good number of distance rules
> (Eucledian, squared, Chebychev etc.) would be nice too.
> 2) A nice tree display. Failing that, an output in one of the standard
> formats which I can display using TreeView, or somesuch.
> I know I can use Neighbor from Phylip, I just wondered what else is out
> there. Any reply would be helpful.
> Thanks,
> Iddo

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