[BiO BB] Is this list moderated?

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Thu Oct 9 19:56:32 EDT 2003

Hi Eitan.

Posting to the list is restricted to subscribers, but, other than that, 
there is no moderation.  Full moderation would require that all posts be 
held for approval, which could take hours.  I have even seen moderated 
newsgroups hold up posts for a day.

For lists that I have administered in the past and for wich I have 
chosen this approach, I have received complaints that it takes too long 
to get a post through.  Many people, I have learned, would prefer even 
to get spam if it meant getting an answer to a question with expedition.

Besides, it seems several people were willing to answer Milak's 
questions.  But, I would agree that "help me with my assignment" and 
"give me an idea" posts are irritating.


Eitan Rubin wrote:
> Hi,
>   As part of my job, I have to say to people "no, I cannot explain to 
> everything there is to know about bioinformatics through email" three times a 
> day. If we keep this list non-moderated, this is where it is heading.
>   Eitan

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