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John G. Hoey, Ph.D. drjohn08318 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 13 17:16:46 EDT 2003

Cellular metabolism is extraordinarily complex.  Reversible/nonreversible reactions are only a microcosm of the variables you will have to contend with in developing a "model" such as this.  I believe you will have little trouble finding numbers to plug into your algoritm for any number of reactions involved in cellular respiration for instance.  However, as a cell biologist I would be very skeptical of cell simulation software that attempted to analyze any more than a couple of these reactions simultaneously.  
John G. Hoey, Ph.D.

deepan chakravarthy n <deepan_3356 at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
hello ,
i am writing algorithm for a cell simulation

we know complex reactions are involved in cell
many reversible rxns, non reversible rxns are
to calculate the concentration of each component at a
given instant we have to use complex differential
if someone can suggest me some websites or books to
refer for such calculations plz do it.

i have taken my reference cell as E.Coli . where can
i get the complete set of metabolism rxn involved in
EColi .(along with 
the values of equlibrium constants)

plese guide me if possible

deepan chakravarthy n
2nd year,(2nd sem),
anna university ,
ph no:
hostel:22354862(044)room no205,
ac tech hostel (jh 207),
anna university,

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