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Application Scientist/ Collaborative eR&D Senior Consultant

1.    Mission

*        To deliver to our customers a solution which exceeds their
expectations while remaining on time and within budget

*        To ensure that each deployment of our software is completed in
a professional, consistent and successful manner. 

*        To maximize customer retention and penetration by offering a
world class client support service 

2.    Key Tasks

2.1.   Responsible for the successful deployment of our product within
client organisations

2.2.   Working with researchers within the client company to analyse the
current research procedures and processes and to configure our product
to replicate these

2.3.   Write requirements specifications based on customer feedback and
liase with the product development group to ensure these customisations
are delivered on time and to spec

2.4.   The training of client staff in the use of the product

2.5.   Working closely with sales and business development to ensure
that each client's sales potential is fully exploited

2.6.   To liase with the client's IT dept to ensure that our product is
installed and configured correctly 

2.7.   Once deployment has been completed, be the primary point of
contact for client support issues

2.8.   Be involved in designing customer-training materials and handling
change management issues within our client sites.

2.9.   Liase with other departments within the clients organization to
ensure that the usage of our product is as widespread as possible

3.    Key Relationships

3.1.   Reporting relationship - reporting to the VP of Products and

3.2.   Liase closely with the Product Development manager 

4.    Key Values

We are a global company headquartered in Cork dedicated to a clear
mission. It is also a knowledge based company which is concerned to
harness fully the knowledge and skills of its staff. The Collaborative
eR&D Senior Consultant is expected to adopt a professional style which
embodies in practice certain key organisational values:

4.1.   Skill in dealing with people issues.

4.2.   Solidarity with other members of the team

4.3.   Fairness in dealing with staff regardless of their background and
position and in handling all personnel issues and situations.

4.4.   Harnessing the talents, ideas and abilities of staff.

4.5.   Proactive development of the attitudes, knowledge, and skill of

4.6.   The creation and maintenance of standards of performance and work

5.    Key Expectations

5.1.   Mainly based on the west coast or east coast depending on
individuals preference.

5.2.   Expected to travel.

5.3.   In exceptional circumstances people will be expected to work
outside of normal business hours.           

5.4.   Expected to remain on site for the duration of a deployment (can
be up to 2 months)

6.    Key Technical Skills

6.1.   Worked as a researcher in an R&D organization 

6.2.   Familiar with general R&D processes and procedures e.g. GLP

6.3.   Knowledge of statistics e.g. Design of Experiments

6.4.   Intermediate IT knowledge

6.5.   Requirements gathering, systems analysis experience (ideally)

6.6.   Have been involved in a support role before (ideally)

7.    Key People Skills

7.1.   Excellent communication skills both spoken and written.

7.2.   Excellent Interpersonal skills and a strong team player.

7.3.   Negotiation, persuasion and presentation skills.

7.4.   Ability to communicate to a wide variety of audiences -
executive, management and researcher.

8.    Key Business Skills

8.1.   Managed the deployment of an enterprise IT system.

8.2.   Project management 

8.3.   Account Management/Sales (Ideally)

9.    Educational/Professional Requirements

9.1.   Science qualification (preferably to Phd level), with a strong
statistical content.

9.2.   Ideally would have a foreign language

9.3.   You will from a Proteomics or Biochemistry background

9.4.   Superb interpersonal skills

Please email a copy of your CV to Derek at biotech-recruiters.com for
further consideration.



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