[BiO BB] Pfam list for Fe/Zn binding

Hongyu Zhang forward at hongyu.org
Tue Apr 6 16:16:35 EDT 2004

I am wondering whether anybody has a collection of all Pfam families that
contains proteins binding to Fe or Zn. I have by myself compiled a list using
key word search like "Fe", "Iron" etc., from the Pfam description and comments.
However, it turned out that I missed those proteins like P450 which has heme
cofactors but does not have specific "Fe" or "Iron" keyword in its Pfam

Anyway, my original goal is to find all the proteins in a private protein
database that bind to either Fe or Zn, so I tried Pfam first. Maybe I could
also try GO annotation, but I would run into the similar problem.

Can anyone here give me some advice how to accomplish that in a straightforward
way? Thanks in advance.

Hongyu Zhang

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