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Ian Donaldson idonalds at blueprint.org
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All of MIPS is in BIND.  
1) go to the interface at http://bind.ca
2) select the browse option under the Seach menu (the magnifying glass)
3) click on BIND record Browse options
4) Beside "Restrict by Divisions" select "MIPS"
5) Click on the browse button.

There are currently 3365 records in this division.


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In addition to blasting against databases of experimentally confirmed
interactions you can lookup predicted interactions for your protein based
on a variety of other interaction predictors. See some of the databases at
the following page...


For example, predicting domain level interactions from the domain
archetecture of your protein can provide clues that whole sequence blast
will not show up as clearly.

Other useful links can be found here http://mips.gsf.de/genre/proj/mpact/
and here http://mips.gsf.de/proj/ppi/

I am not sure how much of MIPS is contained in BIND, as I can't find that
information from the BIND website (although I did ask ;)

All the best,

On Tue, 7 Dec 2004, Boris Steipe wrote:

>Access the BIND database at http://bind.ca and use BINDBlast. This 
>should give you the most comprehensive results that are currently 
>available. (BTW: you should not restrict your thinking to "protein" 
>except if you really intend to exclude protein-RNA or protein-DNA 
>interactions and BIND contains many of these as well).
>On Tuesday, Dec 7, 2004, at 08:51 Canada/Eastern, Dr. Christoph Gille 
>> perhaps there is data in the yeast2hybrid databases.
>>> hi is it possible to find those proteins of some organism that may 
>>> interact
>>> with my protein of interest. I only have the sequence of my protein. 
>>> how
>>> can i find the protein that may interact with it.
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