[BiO BB] Ferrous Iron Binding Motif

Nicholas R. Ballor nrballor at mtu.edu
Mon Feb 9 10:30:56 EST 2004

Hey Everyone, 
I am trying to find proteins in a prokaryotic organism that are capable
of binding ferrous iron (Fe2+).  To do this, I need a sequence (amino
acid residue or nucleotide) corresponding to a ferrous iron binding
motif so that I can begin searching for proteins in the organism of
interest.  I am looking for an active site (a motif) involved in the
specific binding of ferrous iron (possibly divalent ions in general)
whose purpose is to recruit the iron for the cell.  Does anyone know of
any motifs involved in binding ferrous iron, or how to best approach the
To give an idea of what I'm looking for, chemicals/peptides serving a
similar purpose include transferrins.  
Thanks in advance, 
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