[BiO BB] Ferrous Iron Binding Motif

Martin Gollery mgollery at unr.edu
Mon Feb 9 14:05:29 EST 2004

Check out the Prosite motif PDOC00462 - is this what you have in mind?


 Quoting "Nicholas R. Ballor" <nrballor at mtu.edu>:

> Hey Everyone, 
> I am trying to find proteins in a prokaryotic organism that are capable
> of binding ferrous iron (Fe2+).  To do this, I need a sequence (amino
> acid residue or nucleotide) corresponding to a ferrous iron binding
> motif so that I can begin searching for proteins in the organism of
> interest.  I am looking for an active site (a motif) involved in the
> specific binding of ferrous iron (possibly divalent ions in general)
> whose purpose is to recruit the iron for the cell.  Does anyone know of
> any motifs involved in binding ferrous iron, or how to best approach the
> search?  
> To give an idea of what I'm looking for, chemicals/peptides serving a
> similar purpose include transferrins.  
> Thanks in advance, 
> nrballor

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