[BiO BB] need a good pedagogical overview

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Thu Jan 8 11:25:16 EST 2004

Hi Folks:

  I have been asked to find pointers to a good and accessible walk
through of the informatics computing market, needs, etc.  Is anyone
aware of such a document or presentation somewhere?  I am not talking
about an IDC or similar research report, rather something that describes
the problems, the issues, etc.  and is accessible to a non-scientist
(e.g. low on jargon). 

  Please let me know if you are aware of something like this.  I would
prefer to avoid (re)writing this.  Thanks in advance!


Joseph Landman, Ph.D
Scalable Informatics LLC
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  web: http://scalableinformatics.com
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