[BiO BB] Librarian 1.2 released

Martin Kucej kucej at fns.uniba.sk
Wed Jan 14 04:38:49 EST 2004

Librarian, a program, which enables a group of researchers to create 
an annotated virtual library of articles in portable document format 
(PDF) is now available in version 1.2.

This release comes with several new features including renaming 
categories and journals, editing paper ratings, displaying MeSH 
suggestions for category creation, or abstract previews when hovering 
over Abstract links. Web form style of navigation was replaced by 
link tables, which are faster and better readable. Also, newly added 
articles are marked 'Today!' for easier identification.

The older versions of Librarian (1.1, 1.1a) can be upgraded using 
'Upgrade' release without reinstallation.


Martin Kucej
Department of Biochemistry
Comenius University
Mlynska dolina CH-1
Bratislava 84215
Slovak Republic

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