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Bertrand FROTTIER bertrand.frottier at free.fr
Thu Jan 15 08:58:58 EST 2004

Try VMD, it's a really impressive program, with many option, and 
scripting possibilities.


Pankaj a écrit :
> hello everyone,
> i have been using insightII (on SGI) for protein structure viewing and
> modelling of proteins and it seemed very friendly. now i have shifted
> to a linux machine on which insightII does not work. i have lot of
> options for macromolecular viewing tools (eg rasmol, vmd etc) for
> linux but i cannot decide which is the best. i tried rasmol but it was
> not very competent in terms that it didnt have many options. can
> someone help in this regard.
> thanks in advance
> pankaj
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