[BiO BB] Genome Database schemas

Krishna Chaitanya Atkuru 1203ab003 at cdl.msitprogram.net
Mon Jan 19 10:20:18 EST 2004

hi all,
could some one help me out with the schemas of various databases?
i have personally reffered the GDB but found that it was too huge..
for present(as iam novoice in this field) , i would be very happy to kick
off with some databases(specialized databases) that are rather easy to
understand( say arrayexpress GeneExpressionOmnibus,stanford microarray
database) as well as easy to implement...
thanking you
krishna chaitanya atkuru
krishnachaitanya_iiit at msitprogram.net

krishna chaitanya
krishnachaitanya_iiit at msitprogram.net

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