[BiO BB] Interview request for biotech book

CAROLE S MOUSSALLI CMoussalli03 at msn.com
Mon Jan 19 15:03:25 EST 2004

Greetings to all super-busy, much-in-demand bioinformatics professionals:
I am a recent graduate of Columbia Business School and have been commissioned by Vault, Inc. to write a career development guide on the Biotech industry for early to mid-career professionals.
I need help identifying someone who is willing to speak with me for approx. 45 minutes for a Day-in-the-Life 
interview.  Questions and format is set; full confidentiality is assured.  Samples of similar profiles are available.
The best candidate will have been on the job for 1-3 years and have graduated with a degree in bioinformatics.
On behalf of my publisher, I would like to thank everyone who can give me some time and attention.

Kind Regards,


Carole S. Moussalli
cmoussalli03 at gsb.columbia.edu
23 Maplewood Street
Watertown, MA  02472-3501
Tel:  617-926-6782
Fax:  617-926-6783
Cell: 917-667-6186
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