[BiO BB] Question about selection in evolution

Daniel Amelang danny at amelang.net
Tue Apr 19 17:22:31 EDT 2005

>Does anyone know what kinds of genes that underwent positive selection the
>Could you also refer me some related paper about gene evolution?
The other day I was playing around with some software that determines 
the level of positive/negative selection at the amino acid level for a 
given gene. Perhaps it would help. It's called TreeSAAP


Here's the paper introducing it:


Although it may be more fine-grained that what you need, you could 
theoretically use it to determine if a gene underwent positive selection 
or not. TreeSAAP will tell you where in the sequence the selection 
occured and for what amino acid property. Sounds like more that you need 
:) Hey, it was worth mentioning.


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