[BiO BB] overlapping/shadow genes in prokaryotes

Timothy Driscoll molvisions at mac.com
Wed Dec 14 13:41:57 EST 2005


how prevalent is gene overlap in prokaryote genomes?  not just a few  
codons at one end, but large regions of overlap, sometimes as long as  
the complete gene.  I have recently begun curating the genome of a  
Gram-negative bacteria. I am finding a lot of predicted overlapping  
genes (Genemark, Glimmer, RefSeq), often with roughly equivalent  
supporting evidence in favor of both genes (Blast hits, RBS, codon  
bias, etc.).

I have been told that overlapping genes are uncommon, and never more  
than about 30 codons in the overlap. but I am unable to find any data  
to support this. can anyone please provide some helpful references?

many thanks,

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