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hi Tim,

Are these predicted genes in the same reading frame, or is there a
frameshift between them?

Best regards,

On 12/14/05, Timothy Driscoll <molvisions at mac.com> wrote:
> hi,
> how prevalent is gene overlap in prokaryote genomes?  not just a few
> codons at one end, but large regions of overlap, sometimes as long as
> the complete gene.  I have recently begun curating the genome of a
> Gram-negative bacteria. I am finding a lot of predicted overlapping
> genes (Genemark, Glimmer, RefSeq), often with roughly equivalent
> supporting evidence in favor of both genes (Blast hits, RBS, codon
> bias, etc.).
> I have been told that overlapping genes are uncommon, and never more
> than about 30 codons in the overlap. but I am unable to find any data
> to support this. can anyone please provide some helpful references?
> many thanks,
> tim
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