[BiO BB] Announcement: JAFA, a function prediction metaserver

Iddo Friedberg idoerg at burnham.org
Wed Dec 14 21:18:01 EST 2005


The Godzik lab at the Burnham Institute for Medical Research is happy to 
announce a new function prediction meta-server: Joint Assembly of 
Functional Annotation (JAFA). JAFA accepts a protein sequence, queries 
several function prediction servers, and presents the results in an easy 
to read display.  Function predictions are shown as Gene Ontology (GO) 
terms. You can see at a glance which program predicted which function, 
and a prediction score. You can further click through to the predicting 
servers themselves, or receive an overall graphic view of the location 
of the predicted terms in the GO graph. A downloadable XML file enables 
the incorporation of JAFA into your own workflow.

Please go here:


We hope you will find JAFA useful and interesting. It is still quite 
beta-ish, so feature requests and bug reports are more than welcome. 
Please email:

jafateam at gmail.com

With your praises and rants.

In the next few weeks we aim to add more servers to the JAFA set of 
queried servers. Suggestions are most welcome. In the future, we will 
enable the querying of function to structure predictors as well.

Please pass this email along to your friends, and post it on mailing 
lists you deem relevant.


Iddo Friedberg and Tim Harder

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Burnham Institute for Medical Research
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