[BiO BB] Ludesi 2D Interpreter - 2D gel statistical tool, free for academics

Andreas Karlsson andreas.karlsson at ludesi.com
Wed Jan 26 05:17:03 EST 2005

Into Proteomics?
Do you run 2D gels? If yes, then you should try Ludesi 2D Interpreter!

It's free for academic users! Signup for an account at: www.ludesi.com

Ludesi 2D Interpreter is an online tool for statistical evaluation of 2D gel
accessible from anywhere using only your regular web browser!

It can import data from virtually any 2D gel software and gives you an easy
to use interface with powerful statistical methods such as Anova,
Mann-Whitney, Hierarchical Clustering and Support Vector Machines.

Find out what 200 registered users from 22 countries have in common, signup

/The Ludesi 2D Interpreter Team
support at ludesi.com

Ludesi 2D Interpreter is developed by Ludesi AB, Lund, Sweden.

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