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Hi Sook

Have you looked at this file


Thats what we use for our dbxref module for Arabidopsis.


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Dear Nicolas,

Thanks for the reply.
Somehow I can't get it to work for me. Could you tell me if there's
something that I'm doing incorrectly?

For example, I pasted in an arabidopsis genbank acc (AAO22800), selected
'GENBANK_AC' and selected 'GENE NAME'. It just says 'No results!' along
with all the organism names. It didn't work when I selected 'GI' or 'All'
as the identifier type in result.
I made a file with a couple of genbank accesions in the right format
(reparated by @, no space no carrage return, etc), but it only gave me the
error message  starting with lines below.
The requested URL could not be retrieved

I'll really appreciate your help.


> Se have developed a tool named AliasServer :
> http://cbi.labri.fr/outils/alias/ for this kind of conversion.
> Nicolas
> Sook Jung wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Are there any ID converter that can convert the
>> Genbank Acc to AGI(arabidopsis genome initiative) name
>> (eg. AT5G63390) in batch or just a file that lists
>> both of those IDs for all the arabidopsis genes?
>> Thanks,

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