[BiO BB] Automation of data mining.

deepan@bioinformatics.org deepan_3356 at yahoo.co.in
Tue Jun 7 16:05:19 EDT 2005

Dear all,

I would like to bring before you a problem that i face
in automation of a data mining process.

I have to find the Km(Michaelis Menten Constants) for
a set of ~2479 enzymatic reactions. 

I've got a list of the form: rxn id, rxn
type(reversible/irrev), substrate ids, product ids,
enzyme name. All these data were obtained from KEGG
and so the ids mentioned are keggids and are not
directly compatible with BRENDA. But Km values are
available in BRENDA only. how do I do this. Plz keep
in mind that, Km vales are specific for
enzyme-reaction sets and not just for enzymes.

Plz someone help me. I'm ready to restructure my list
also if needed.

<b>Plz tell me how to automate this process.</b>

my home page http://deepan.tk

mail id : deepan at bioinformatics.org
deepan chakravarthy n
3rd year,(5th sem),
center for biotechnology,
anna university ,
ph no:
brother no:9840824399,

 ac tech hostel (jh 108),
 anna university,

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