[BiO BB] Is there a good way to find orthologue sequences?

Ryan Golhar golharam at umdnj.edu
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Take a look at the following references.  They all put together ways of
finding orthologous sequences.  I'm using the database Ouyang

Lee, Y., R. Sultana, et al. (2002). "Cross-Referencing Eukaryotic
Genomes: TIGR Orthologous Gene Alignments (TOGA)." Genome Res. 12(3):

Mushegian, A. R., J. R. Garey, et al. (1998). "Large-Scale Taxonomic
Profiling of Eukaryotic Model Organisms: A Comparison of Orthologous
Proteins Encoded by the Human, Fly, Nematode, and Yeast Genomes." Genome
Res. 8(6): 590-598.

Ouyang, M., J. Case, et al. (2003). "Five Hundred Sixty-Five Triples of
Chicken, Human, and Mouse Candidate Orthologs." Journal of Molcular
Evolution 57(3): 271-281.

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Dear all,
    Is there a good way to find orthologue sequences? I mean, I have a
protein sequence in species A, how could I get all the available
corresponding sequences from other species?  I blast my sequence to nr,
there are just too many hits with low e-value and high identity, so that
some "corresponding" sequences from distant related species could not be
find by blast. Is there any good method for automatically solve this

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