[BiO BB] Call for Attendance: BioImage Data Mining and Informatics, Stanford, CA. Aug 12, 2005

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Call for Attendance

International Workshop on 
BioImage Data Mining and Informatics
Stanford University, California
August 12, 2005

For the first time, the Life Sciences Society is sponsoring a unique
forum to discuss the recent advances in informatics and data mining for
cellular, molecular, and other biological and biomedical images. This
workshop is a satellite event of the 2005 IEEE Computational Systems
Bioinformatics conference, August 8-11, Stanford, CA. We invite you to
attend this exciting event and be stimulated by experts of bioimage
With the development of advanced imaging techniques, the number of
biological images acquired in digital form is growing rapidly.
Large-scale bioimage databases are becoming available. Analysis of
these images is shedding light on a great number of biological
problems. The goal of this workshop is to bring together an
interdisciplinary group of researchers to identify problems and present
answers to bioimage data mining and informatics.
With 4 sessions and 16 presentations in this one-day event, researchers
from leading institutions will discuss a wide spectrum of topics
related to bioimaging, image analysis and mining, databases and
visualization, and how these technologies help to tackle biological
problems. Attendees will learn the state-of-the-art technical
information in this quickly growing field and gain insight into what
the future holds.

It will all happen August 12 on the beautiful campus of Stanford

Check the following web sites for more information:

Program - http://lifesciencessociety.org/Workshop/BIprogrm.html
Registration - http://lifesciencessociety.org/Workshop/register.html

Register today, space is limited!

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