[BiO BB] oligo probe design

Javier Forment jforment at ibmcp.upv.es
Tue Oct 18 05:41:02 EDT 2005

Hello,... I am entering into the field of oligonucleotide probe design 
for the construction of oligo microarrays, and have been flooded by the 
huge amount and diversity of specific software for this task. Could any 
of you tell me about the most used/convenient/configurable one? We are 
also planning to install it as a web server, so that user will be able 
to enter the sequences of the genes to be probed, and the sequences of 
all the (known) genes of the organism of interest, in order to minimize 
the cross-hybridization.

Thanks in advance,


Javier Forment Millet
Unidad de Bioinformatica del Laboratorio de Genomica
Instituto de Biologia Molecular y Celular de Plantas
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
Avenida de los Naranjos, s/n
46022 Valencia (Spain)
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e-mail: jforment at ibmcp.upv.es

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