[BiO BB] NeuroScholar - an open-source informatics system for managing the scientific literature

Gully Burns gully at usc.edu
Mon Oct 17 17:52:04 EDT 2005



The NeuroScholar system is a knowledge management system for the
neuroscientific literature, allowing users to build an organized library of
PDF files and then make and manage free-form notes based on the articles.
This simple functionality is the first phase of the creation of a system
that enables bench-neuroscientists to construct knowledge bases of what they
know. This is an attempt to introduce an informatics framework into the lab
to facilitate to an increased level of formalism to the subject. 


NeuroScholar is an open-source and is free for download from
http://www.neuroscholar.org/ (click on Software > NeuroScholar ). We also
have several demonstration movies available from the movies section to show
the functionality of the system.


Thank you for your attention.


Gully Burns

Research Assistant Professor

Univeristy of Southern California


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