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lucifer at slimy.greenend.org.uk wrote:
> "Samantha Fox" <bioinfosm at gmail.com> writes:
>> I was wondering how KEGG and GO differ from a broad perspective of 
>> grouping functionally related genes.  So a KEGG pathway lists all 
>> genes that kind of work together, and a similar GO term would also 
>> contain such > a gene list.
> IIRC, KEGG is manually created from the literature whilst GO also 
> contains automatic/electronic annotation based on sequence homology.  
> KEGG also focuses more on metabolic pathways, whilst GO covers a more 
> comprehensive set of cellular processes and molecular functions.
> Hope that helps,

It should be possible to 'cross correlate' KEGG an GO in a number of 
different ways using one of the SWISSPROT relational databases. However 
you should know that generally 'ontology mapping' is an open problem :)

Good luck!

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