[BiO BB] PDB format

Fazilah Othman fazot at cs.usm.my
Tue Apr 11 01:43:24 EDT 2006

Hi all,


How to find the origin and 3 orthogonal vectors for coordinate system (or
reference system) used in any PDB data? I have gone thru PDB format
descriptions (esp. in crystallographic and coordinate transformation
section), but still getting out of no where. I think the info is there, but
I cannot understand or digest it correctly. I cannot find anybody familiar
with PDB here in my institution. Please help.


p/s:I want to try locating the same point in 2 different coordinate systems
(name it csA and csB). csA is the coordinate system from the PDB file (that
is what I am trying to find out) and csB is the coordinate system created by
me (I have the origin and 3 orthogonal vectors).







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