[BiO BB] Re: Latest Internet explorer 7.0 doesnt support "LINK"out tool in NCBI's 'nucleotide' and 'protein' bank

Natarajan Ganesan natarajanganesan at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 14:52:36 EDT 2006

This message is for those who are familiar with using the 'Links' facility
when searching for 'nucleotide' OR 'protein' sequences. Normally one sees a
popup that links the particular result across a panel of NCBI services. This
worked well in IE6.0.
However the latest IE7.0 beta seems to have an error that prevents this
popup. I believe this will be soon rectified by the NCBI, but till then
sticking with IE6.0 is good.
Natarajan Ganesan 
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Hi Natarajan,

You might want to post this to the BiO Bulletin Board instead:

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