[BiO BB] Any Research title for PhD?

Daniel Harari hararid at bgu.ac.il
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Dear Ajit,

I think you have put the cart ahead of the horse here.
A standard protocol:
1.   Find a laboratory which specializes in a field of bioinformatics that interests you.
2.   Read up and learn about the focus of the research group and stay within this arena. Join group if of  
3.   If your supervisor does not provide you with a suggested topic, choose your own.
4.   Choose a research title.

If you are going to do this all on your own, without supervision, think twice about doing a PhD in the place that you have chosen (or in the subject that you have chosen).  

The thesis title should be sufficiently general in which to allow to to change projects mid-stream, should your initial project falter.  This happens in science quite often.

Good luck.


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> Hello all of you...
> I possess a MSc in IT (Bioinformatics) from UK and now would 
> like to do a PhD in Bioinformatics....
> Any one can suggest a possible PhD Title for research in the 
> field of protein structure - function  determination, 
> molecular modelling, data mining in bioinformatics or any other 
> interesting title from your research areas in bioinformatics?
> I thank you a lot...
> Please also advise any web site/magazine/papers where I can look 
> for potential PhD titles in Bioinformatics...
> Regards
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