[BiO BB] Any Research title for PhD?

DGW dgw106 at york.ac.uk
Thu Aug 24 08:01:06 EDT 2006

Dear Ajit,

You may try http://www.findaphd.com/ to look for PhD projects in the UK 
and elsewhere (particularly Europe). The sister site 
http://www.findapostdoc.com/ may be useful for somebody too.

You might also be lucky with http://www.newscientistjobs.com/. There are 
studentships advertised there too.

Best wishes,

Ajit Gopee wrote:
>>>> Hello all of you...
>>>> I possess a MSc in IT (Bioinformatics) from UK and now would like 
>>>> to do a
>>>> PhD in Bioinformatics....
>>>> Can any one suggest a possible PhD Title for research in the field of
>>>> protein structure - function  determination, molecular modelling, data
>>>> mining in bioinformatics or any other interesting title from your 
>>>> research
>>>> areas in bioinformatics?
>>>> I thank you a lot...
>>>> Please also advise any web site/magazine/papers where I can look for
>>>> potential PhD titles in Bioinformatics...
>>>> Regards
>>>> Mr Ajit Gopee
>>>> Lecturer
>>>> School Of Business Informatics and Software Engineering
>>>> University of Technology, Mauritius
>>>> Tel: 2347624    Fax: 234-1747   Website: www.utm.ac.mu
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