[BiO BB] Restriction sites frequencies in mouse genome

Benoit VARVENNE varvenne at genoway.com
Mon Aug 28 05:34:28 EDT 2006

Dear Members,

I am a new member of this mailing-list and i don't know if such a post will
draw the attention of anyone here. So excuse me in advance if my subject is
not appropriate.
I am searching for a way to calculate restriction sites frequency in mouse
genome (so sequences from 6 to 13bp). I have already tried to do so using
blast (or blast-like) tools and configuring them as needed but it gave no
results, because of too numerous hits i think.

I would be very greatful if someone could help me on this topic.

Thanks a lot for your help,
Best regards,

Benoît Varvenne,
Bioinformatics pearson in charge,
Genoway Lyon - France

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