[BiO BB] Course: Advanced Bioinformatics Programming: Perl & R for Biologists, Level 2

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Wed Dec 6 19:12:23 EST 2006

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Bioinformatics.Org is pleased to introduce an advanced and extended version of its "Perl and R for Biologists" course.

LOCALE: Cambridge, Massachusetts
DATES: January 16-19, 2007

This course will help biologists learn how to use Perl as a scripting language to automate certain tasks in their research, and how to use R as a statistical scripting language for data analysis. It includes an introduction to Perl and R and may be taken instead of "Introduction to Bioinformatics Programming: Perl and R for Biologists, Level 1," or as a refresher course on the basics. The course also covers advanced topics and projects, all in the context of biological research.

Armed with some knowledge and hands-on experience with these tools, scientists will be able to perform more sophisticated software development tasks and to phrase research questions in the context of these tools. As a result, they will be able to appreciate and use computers better in their organization, and communicate better with their IT group.

Students will learn how to write Perl and R scripts using various data structures, loops and file I/O constructs. They will also learn scripting with the Perl DBI and how to write multi-function scripts and convert them into Perl modules and packages. Examples will include high-throughput BLAST output, BioPerl, MySQL database packages for Perl, Bioconductor packages for R, and Affymetrix CEL files.

This course will run January 16-19 and will be divided into 8 sessions of approximately 3.5 hours each. Instruction and exercises will begin at 8:30 AM and end at 5:00 PM.

To find out more information on the course, including the registration process, please see the course schedule page:

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