[BiO BB] Gene prediction

Yannick Wurm idh at poulet.org
Thu Dec 7 08:24:09 EST 2006

we all know that gene predictions can be far from reliable. Which is  
why recent genome projects, such as the Honey bee, used several gene  
predictions: ab initio predictions, homology-based predictions, EST- 
based prediction...  They used GLEAN3 to combine the different  
predictions into one confident "Official Gene Set".

I am exploring my favorite - currently unannotated - genome. Does  
anyone know of a web-tool which might do something similar on a much  
smaller scale? (I basically just want the CDS sequences for a small  
number of genes). If not, this could be a great opportunity for  
	my small genomic sequence of interest (maybe 10 or 20kb) + ESTs +  
other homologous sequences I may have
Program fetches more homologous sequences from Genbank.
	Aligns everything it can to my sequence of interest
Program uses genscan or whatever to predict exons.

Program figures out a "consensus" protein sequence and determins  

Any ideas? Comments?


          yannick . wurm @ unil . ch
Ant Genomics, Ecology & Evolution @ Lausanne

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