[BiO BB] Yeast - Human Homologs

Daniel Harari hararid at bgu.ac.il
Thu Dec 14 16:49:20 EST 2006

To compare orthologues between two species, including human-yeast, may I suggest trying Inparanoid:

For multispecies comparisons, you may prefer to use NCBI's Homologene:

Regarding Homologene, if you can't extract the data easily via the Web browser, you will find a tab linking to the Homologene FTP download sites, and you can access the desired tables directly.  Extracting meanig from this data will require some code writing.



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Subject: [BiO BB] Yeast - Human Homologs
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> Hello all,
>   I am working with a set of genes from the yeast genome. I 
> want to retrive
> the corresponding human homologs for those genes, can anyone 
> suggest a
> simple way to batch-retrieve human homologs of all the yeast 
> genes under
> consideration ?
> Thanks in advance
> Balaji
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