[BiO BB] bio game / bioinformatics game /fun

Dan Bolser dmb at mrc-dunn.cam.ac.uk
Fri Dec 22 03:13:58 EST 2006

Deepan wrote:
> Does anyone have any interesting ideas about games wrt to
> biology/bioinformatics ? 
> If you have any good ideas, or pointers I would like to create a web
> game just for fun. I was thinking about some kind of game to program a
> vector and infect a culture or designing of vectors or bacterial genome
> blah blah blah.. 

Sim 'virus' or Sim 'bug' - that would be really great!

How about a 'first person perspective' view of protein structure? Take 
Doom / Quake and map the floor of the game onto the surface of your 
favorite structure. Then you could explore the active site 'on foot' and 
carry a ligand into the receptor to get to level 2. (Watch out for the 
slippery hydrophobic cluster!)

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