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Mike Marchywka marchywka at hotmail.com
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Actually, does someone know of an opensource or free graphics rendering 
that can be used with scripts for prototyping these kinds of ideas?

I downloaded this thing:
and wrote some perl to take the pdb file for a

COMPND    Ptp1b With The Catalytic Cysteine Oxidized To A
COMPND   2 Sulfenyl-Amide Bond

and display selected atoms using the above viewer. It worked ok- I could
put the viewpoint at the oxidized cysteine and see what other things
could still get to the residue. However, before investing a lot of time
in scripts to support this viewer, I thought someone here may have
some better suggestions. It doesn't have to be fancy but transparency and
shadows would be nice ( being able to move lightsources and view point
interactively with tolerable CPU usage a big plus ).


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>Deepan wrote:
>>Does anyone have any interesting ideas about games wrt to
>>biology/bioinformatics ? If you have any good ideas, or pointers I would 
>>like to create a web
>>game just for fun. I was thinking about some kind of game to program a
>>vector and infect a culture or designing of vectors or bacterial genome
>>blah blah blah..
>Sim 'virus' or Sim 'bug' - that would be really great!
>How about a 'first person perspective' view of protein structure? Take Doom 
>/ Quake and map the floor of the game onto the surface of your favorite 
>structure. Then you could explore the active site 'on foot' and carry a 
>ligand into the receptor to get to level 2. (Watch out for the slippery 
>hydrophobic cluster!)
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