[BiO BB] New features for hosted projects

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Thu Feb 9 12:17:44 EST 2006


Bioinformatics.Org is pleased to announce a couple recent additions to the 
services offered to projects hosted at Bioinformatics.Org.

1. Subversion (SVN) version control system

Software developers may now use the Subversion version control system on our 
servers.  Subversion was developed "to take over the CVS user base," according 
to the Subversion website.  "Specifically, we're writing a new version control 
system that is very similar to CVS, but fixes many things that are broken." 
Here are a few of the advantages of using Subversion over CVS (from the website):

     * Directories, renames, and file meta-data are versioned.
     * Commits are truly atomic.
     * Versioning of symbolic links
     * Efficient handling of binary files

Subversion at Bioinformatics.Org makes use of svnserve over SSH (svn+ssh) for 
developer access (anonymous access uses ordinary svnserve).  Instructions on 
using Subversion at BiO can be found here:


We also have the WebSVN interface set up:


2. Wiki system for project websites

Bioinformatics.Org will now install a wiki system in project web directories by 
default.  If you're not familiar with wikis, you may want to look through this 
introduction by Wikipedia:


Instructions for using wikis and the wiki system are also included with (are 
part of) the website.

Some projects are just getting started using their new wikis, so there's not 
much content to show at this time, but an example of the system can be seen here:


More information on Bioinformatics.Org's free group-hosting service can be 
found here:


If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to ask:

     sysadmins at bioinformatics.org

J.W. Bizzaro
Bioinformatics Organization, Inc. (Bioinformatics.Org)
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Phone:  +1 508 890 8600

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