[BiO BB] Local BLAST Graphical View

Pamela Culpepper pculpep at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 6 16:58:51 EST 2006

We have just updated our website --http://www.lifeformulae.com
with the files required to modify the latest version of the NCBI Toolbox's 
blastall to support the local BLAST alignment graphical view.

The bastall_diff.txt file is the patch file that contains the modifications 
to the Toolbox code. The HOW_TO.txt file provides instructions on how to 
apply the patch and compile the Toolbox.

blastall will produce the graphical view with either the old or the new 
BLAST engine. You must use the blastall "-T T" (HTML option) to activate the 
graphical overview.

This software is provided freely to all Bio-Bulletin-Board users.


Pam Culpepper

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