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Rami Reddy.V reddy_vram at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 9 04:14:11 EST 2006

Thanks to Ann and Chen for reply. 
Infact FlyBase itself is providing the batch reports, i came to know this lately. I was able to get Genebank accessions from FlyBase (http://flybase.net/cgi-bin/fbidbatch.html). 
Now i have one more question, i want to search for annotations using these IDs agianst DAVID (http://david.abcc.ncifcrf.gov/). I got all the accession numbers corresponding to my FlyBase gene IDs, do i have to check all these accessions numbers against DAVID or only accession number per one gene is enough, i am not sure does it make any sense. 

I used GOToolBox ( for annotations as it will accept FlyBase IDs but i want to check DAVID also for the same.

Thanks alot for your time

Ann Loraine <aloraine at gmail.com> wrote: Hello,

Maybe this will help...

Does FlyBase provide sequence data?

If you can get a mapping of FlyBase ids onto mRNA sequences, then you
can use blast to search against a database of RefSeq fruit fly mRNA

Then it should be relatively easy to get Entrez gene ids from the
perfect-match RefSeq ids identified in the blast search.


On 1/8/06, Liangyou Chen 
> I am creating tools for such conversions.  But I don't know how to
> connect the FlyBase ID to GeneBank accession or entrez ID.  If you
> can show me an example how to do the conversion in detail, I will make a tool
> for you.
> Thanks.
> On 1/6/06, Rami Reddy.V  wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > I am looking for a tool to convert FlyBase IDs to Gene Bank accession or
> > entrez IDs, if anybody knows please let me know.
> > Thanks alot

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