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sindhu sambandam ishwarayasam at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 07:35:34 EDT 2006

hi jeff
i'm trying to to do my 6 months project work in software development...of
which i chose to do 2D to 3D conversion...i've still not decided not that
because being an undergraduate student in biotechnology i dont know how far
its possible...but i'm interested in working in this area
regarding drug designing...its a part of  my curriculum...people told me
its  a paper not meant for under graduates...they say its tough and
difficult to understand....thats why i needed someone to guide...

On 7/11/06, J.W. Bizzaro <jeff at bioinformatics.org> wrote:
> By "2D to 3D conversion or work with drug designing", I assume Ishwaraya
> is
> looking for resources on modeling and structure prediction.  I think
> joining an
> open-source project would be helpful.  Bioinformatics.Org also has a
> mailing
> list on molecular visualization:
>   http://bioinformatics.org/lists/molvis-list
> Cheers,
> Jeff
> sindhu sambandam wrote:
> > hi everyone
> > this is Ishwaraya from India..i'm an under graduate student doing my
> > final year...i'm interested in doing my project in bioinformatics...but
> > i dont find much resoures or guides to help me...i want to develop
> > softwares for 2D to 3D conversion or work with drug designing..i have a
> > paper called drug designing and molecular modelling for which i 've no
> > faculties...i'm helpless here having that subject in the last year of
> > study...can this organisation or anyone help me with my work and guiide
> > and teach ...pl
> > ishwaraya
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