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J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
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They may be right, depending on how you'd answer the following questions:

1. One would assume that you're talking about macromolecule (esp. protein) 
structure when you say "2D to 3D conversion".  But, also you say that you're 
interested in drug design, which indicates that you're talking about *small* 
molecule structure.  Which is it?

2. Does this paper/project/thesis have to be based on novel research that could 
be published in a refereed journal?  Or is it just about anything you're 
interested in learning?


sindhu sambandam wrote:
> hi jeff
> i'm trying to to do my 6 months project work in software 
> development...of which i chose to do 2D to 3D conversion...i've still 
> not decided not that because being an undergraduate student in 
> biotechnology i dont know how far its possible...but i'm interested in 
> working in this area
> regarding drug designing...its a part of  my curriculum...people told me 
> its  a paper not meant for under graduates...they say its tough and 
> difficult to understand....thats why i needed someone to guide...

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