[BiO BB] Getting sequences by base pair locations

Yuval Itan y.itan at ucl.ac.uk
Thu Jul 27 12:22:36 EDT 2006

Hello all,

I was BLATing a few hundred human genes against the chimp genome, and 
kept the best chimp hits for every human gene.
I have the base pair start and end location for every chimp hit, and I 
need to get the sequence for each of these chimp hits. Here is an 
example for a few chimp hits bp locations:

Start		 End
142854	144504
154479	155198
153066	167370
163146	163559

I have one chimp genome file (about 3GB) including all chromosomes, but 
I could also get one file per chromosome if that would make things 
easier. Does anyone have a script or a link for an interface that can 
do the job?

Thank you very much,

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